Sunday, 18 February 2018
    • Painting

      We painted a new premium quality house designed by Sergio Colombo and finished to the highest international standards for a German client

    • Decorating and redecorating

      Our redecoration system achieved a high quality, long-lasting finish to the interior of Bishops Chapel

    • Restorations and alterations

      We worked closely with Resnikov and Nielsen on restoring Mosterts Mill to full working condition

    • Specialised coatings

      The extention to the main Constantiberg Medi Clinic building was coated with a 3.2mm stone finish to match the existing building

    • Spray-on coatings

      We applied Specmatrix to the walls of the Ottery Hypermarker ATM by means of low pressure spray

    • Epoxies and urethane coatings

      The new floor of Capricorn Park was prepared and coated with epoxy coating

    • Roof coatings

      The roof of this Cloeteville home was cleaned down and resprayed with Polyacrylic paint by means of airless spraying

    • Timber coatings

      We applied a maintenance coating of Rystix Timbacare to protect this Betty's Bay home from weathering

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